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Comic Book Grading

Are you looking to preserve, or increase the value of your precious collectibles? Do you worry about the many stops along the way? The risky transport duration between you and your presser, from the presser back to you, then from you to all the way to the CGC depot in america then back again? Not to mention the complicated multiple insurances needed, the correspondance between all relevant parties and all sorts. Well worry no more.

The Fantasy Road is the is the one stop be all end all when it comes to this process. You send us your book, we clean it, we press it, we deal with the insurances and the postage, all the nasty details, we get it to CGC who grade and encapsulate the book, then we get it back to you.

So, as far as you're concerned, you send it to us in its raw form, and we send it back to you graded. Simples.

All books can be tracked LIVE via our discord community server
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Have you been looking for a safe space with like-minded people to discuss all things comic book?

Well look no further. The Fantasy Road discord network is a collaboration of comic book shops, facebook & instagram groups, and tonnes of comic enthusiasts and collectors, all rolled into one, one stop comic book spot.

The Fantasy Road Network isn't just limited to comic books, we encompass all forms of collectibles, from figurines and funkos, all the way to collectible trading cards.

On top of this, the server runs regular events such as:

  • Regular giveaways
  • Monthly lottery
  • Competitions
  • Raffles

Alongside free services such as:

  • Graders notes checks
  • Comic book GPA checks
  • Live updates on all CGC submissions sumitted via Fantasy Road

PLUS, the Network is an open trading platform where ANYBODY can buy, trade and sell their goods - A safe place regulated and moderated by us at Fantasy Road.

To join, simply click below.

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